Who is The Chic Brown Chick?

Maia Brown created thechicbrownchick.com in 2013 to combine her main passions- fashion, writing, & technology. She aimed to create a platform that would allow all to connect through the topic of style. Based in NYC, she is currently studying Advertising/Marketing (BBA) at Pace University. Maia currently works as a freelance fashion and style writer and content creator.

The idea for her website came when friends and family would look to her for the latest style secrets & advice. She got to work and started a blog, learning the ropes on her own and figuring out how to make her mark on the fashion world.

Since the start of her blog, both the website and herself have grown, but each is always evolving, never letting go of the importance of individual style.  She was previously a style columnist for The Capital Style Magazine, an affiliation of the Capital Gazette Newspaper and Baltimore Sun. Throughout this chapter of her career she styled and directed photoshoots, producing fun articles that were visually and intellectually engaging.

In the summer of 2017, she lived in New York City and participated in The New York Times Summer Academy. Throughout this she created a winning project and capsule collection of designs that focused on sustainability in fashion. Her business design illuminated eco-consciousness in a unique sector of the fashion industry, and combined her experience in technology, marketing, and design.

Her ambition and love for style has driven her to where she is and continues to drive her to where she would like to be.

To contact Maia Brown email her at maiabrownofficial@gmail.com or follow her on Instagram @maiaxbrown