This Fall's book shelves are heating up due to Editor of Cosmopolitan.com Amy Odell's hot new read which tells the tales of the inside of the fashion industry. But these aren't your average "never wear white after Labor Day"  tips & tricks; from talking about her nerve wracking interview with the queen of fashion, Anna Wintour, and the time she bought sweatpants while stoned, Odell shows the honest and hilarious side of this serious business. She flawlessly shares the comedic chronicles of a young woman working her way up the ladder in fashion and what it really means to be on the inside.  

 From her start at NYmag.com to her star role as editor at Cosmopolitan.com, Odell proves that hard work pays off especially when working in the Fashion industry. 

Some tips that Odell writes are,"Generally, the more uncomfortable the shoe, the chicer, cooler, and more fashion-y an outfit is," and,"...in a business built upon risk taking, you should take risks so big they scare you." 

  I give Amy Odell's "Tales From the Back Row" five gold stars for its insightful scoop on the Fashion industry.  Odell takes you on a trip down the runway full of fun from the field of fashion. Check out Amy Odell's book "Tales From the Back Row" on shelves & in stores on September 1st! Trust me you won't be disappointed...and remember to always eat the cupcakes ;)

This book by Lit-Girl Amy Odell is sure to be your favorite Fall accessory! Stay Chic ;)



[Cover photo courtesy of @instamyodell, Amy Odell's official Instagram account]

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