Rockin' in Ruby

Hello everybody! Happy Monday (quite the oxymoron to start off our week ;) ). With Autumn ascending into our lives it's time to start looking at this season's checklist of trends. But today's fall beauty fad happens to be one that's been around since the very beginning- the rouge lip.

A good tube of red lipstick is essential, whether you prefer cinnamon, poppy, or coral. The red shade is meant to bring out your lips and enhance the natural you with a  simple and gorgeous hue.  These crimson colors have been iconic throughout pop culture & makeup counters everywhere! It's time to set aside our bright Summer tints and dish out this cult classic. Below are some scarlet shades that adorn any style and can all be found at Sephora.

Stay Chic ;)



PS: I will be attending school and won't be as attentive with posting. I will be sticking to a specific schedule; Fridays & Sundays. If you need me please contact me at my email that I will still be checking daily. thechicbrownchick@gmail.com! Thanks! 

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Work to Wardrobe

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