Bright Eyed Babe

Bright Eyed Babe


As the snow begins to fall and our holiday wish lists begin to fill up, it's good to keep in mind of what's to come after the chilly season, aka Spring/Summer '16. It seems a bit far, but in a mere month it'll already be time for New Year's resolutions and writing 2016 on our papers! It may all seem a bit terrifying, but look on the bright side because today's post will have your vanity covered. Read on to learn about the latest trends in eye makeup for the impending warm weather.

Rainy day Blues

With Spring raining buckets, try a cool blue to chase away your clouds. This bright hue will add extra color to your outfit and is a good transition from Fall and Winter's deep shades. If you are a pro at eye makeup, try a look like the picture above, or if you are a beauty rookie simply try a sleek cerulean cat eye that's subtle yet still different.



Golden Girl

After hibernating this winter we'll all be missing something that you can only get from the best of Summers- a tan. Although we may not enjoy looking as chilly as a snowman or as orange as an oompa loompa, this quick beauty trick will help you get back your glow. Bronze and gold eyes will help you shine in the new season, all you have to do is simply brush a bit of metallic eye shadow across your lids. For a more natural look try a metallic nude. For example if you have a lighter complexion use a subtle bronze color (tan with a shimmer).

Au Naturale 

Sometimes the best makeup for you is the one your born with (or without in that sense)! This Spring it's all about flaunting what you've got and looking fresh faced. When trying to achieve this look try a shimmery shade such as a light pink, brush a bit of blush on your cheeks, and you're good to go!

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