Treat Yo'self

Treat Yo'self


 With the first "official start" of the year being tomorow, your life might be a bit hectic! But today's post will help you stay refreshed even in the midst of all of the craziness. Read on to see some tips on how to keep your calm.Tune it out: 

Listening to music or even an audio book can help you unwind. It refocuses your attention and takes your mind off of anything that might be causing you stress. 

Get some air:

Going for a walk or doing some cardio is beneficial for your mind and body. It'll decrease tension and  will cause you to sweat out any toxins. Get Pampered:

  Sometimes the best way to escape reality is to take a little me time. Hit the salon or give yourself a mani/pedi in the comfort of your own home.

  Peel it off:

Face peels rip off any dead skin and dirt and leave your face feeling fresh and clean.    

Herbal relaxation:

You can't beat the bliss of a nice warm cup of tea! Grab a mug, your favorite tea, and drink up!


Walk into work with a clear mind and a smile on your face! Stay Chic ;)



Clean Sweep

Clean Sweep

Start the New Year with a Bang!

Start the New Year with a Bang!