Goodbye Chap!

As we finally start welcoming true Winter and the brisk winds that come with it, our skin and lips might start to get dried out...ugh. We all know too well the feeling of stuffing tissues in our coat pockets and trying to replenish our pores. But today's post will help suggest some products to stop you from being chappy and to help you start getting happy!   There's nothing more uncomfortable than having dry hands; you use them for everything!   If you're tired of having cracked cuticles I recommend L'Occitane's hand creams. They come in a nicely sized tube and condition your skin really well. They also have an array of aromas to choose from such as Rose, Lavender, Lemon, etc. Their no #1 is their Shea Butter formula.   

If you're not a fan of lip balm due to its transparent sheen, try this moisturizing "Lipstick-like" balm that adds a bit of color.

If you used LipSmacker cosmetics as a kid, this one's for you! This yummy treatment smells great, tastes great, and gets the job done; all in such adorable packaging.

      I just recently discovered Herbivore Cosmetics and I'm already a fan! All of their products are organic which is great for people with sensitive skin. After wearing makeup all day it's nice to have a simple and clean product to help refresh your complexion. It's made with no flavors and fragrances; only essential oils.  

These products are made in the USA, with the utmost authenticity!  It's naturally sheet pink color accents any skin tone creating a rosy and sweet look. It also conditions your lips wonderfully. This is my personal go-to and I highly recommend it. I prefer getting the version of it in a tube though, just because I don't like getting my fingers messy and getting germs in something I put on my mouth.

Burt's Bees is a classic lip balm that every person, male or female, should have in their vanity.   They have an array of balms specific for different needs; ie conditioning, hydrating, color, moisturizing.


Packed with vitamins, this nourishing formula not only sothes, but also softens your skin. It smells great and stays true to the company's name- Fresh.

What's your favorite cold weather remedy? Comment below! It's always great to hear from you guys :)

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Stay Chic ;)



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