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Recently Target has announced that they are partnering up with the company Marimekko and will be releasing a clothing and houseware collection. Marimekko is a Finnish fashion design house known for its original and colorful prints. The fun, yet sophisticated, brand will be sold at a more affordable price! In today's article we are focusing on the bright pieces from the women's apparel line in the collaboration. With looks ranging in a variety of sizes, shades, and styles,there is something for everyone.    This tunic in this the print called "Kukkatori". Kukkatori means "flower market" in Finnish, and was first designed in 1970. It is said to have been inspired by the vitality and abundance of color of a flower market.

   Kukkatori also comes in a bikini set and a scarf. This print is perfect for the upcoming season because 70's inspired designs are trending.

  Okariino means "ocarina" in Finnish. This print is meant to be rhythmic and looks like a mixture of melodies with its array of complex lines despite that fact that it's palette is quite simple.

   The print above is known as "Kukkatori". It's cool shades and clean design make it ideal for the blazing summer months.

   Made in 1967, Albatrossi was created due to the fact that the designer had become captivated by the movement of the Meditteranean Sea. This is clearly illustrated with the blue hues and carefree lines.

  This citrus pattern is know as Appelsiini, Finnish for "orange". It was made in 1950 when the designer had tried the sweet fruit on a trip to Spain.

   You can find Appelsiini in a top, shorts, a tote, a bikini set, and a sun hat.


Meaning "melon" in Finnish, Melooni mimics the juicy fruit with geometric ovals and a sunny color scheme. It was first created in 1963 and its boldness has shone on throughout the years.

   Catch a wave with this cerulean pattern dubbed the name Lokki which means seagull in Finnish. It's fun squiggles make you feel as if you are surfing at a beach under the sun.

This collection will be available on April 17th! For more info on the collaboration and the other products included in it, click here.

Stay Chic ;)

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