Prime Time

Prime Time


After five long days, this weekend is much deserved. And while it's always fun to head out and party on Saturday nights it's also great to decompress and take a little me-time. One of the best ways to detox from the daily grind is to do a facial. By cleaning out your pores you can wipe out any worries from the previous week and prep your skin for your days ahead. Read on to see some steps for making your masking experience zen and marvelous.

Step 1: Flush it Out

Start off by splashing some water on your face. By rinsing off your skin you are essentially making it a blank canvas. This rids of any makeup you might have previously had on your skin. When finished, pat your skin dry.

For ultra-hydration try the Glossier Moisturizing Moon Mask. With a creamy and dreamy formula it helps fill-in fine lines and plump up your skin restoring your youthful look even after a week of hard work. Some of its all-star ingredients include lemon extract, honey, licorice root, & aloe working together to create the perfect concoction for any skin type.

Step 2: Got Grit?

It's sweet to have good skin and it's easy to get good skin when you exfoliate. It reduces clogged pores, blemishes, & acne. Use a mild sugar scrub to clean off any dead skin and leave you looking soft and supple.

Buff it to beautify it; this Pink Clay Exfoliating Mask by Herbivore Botanicals works wonders whether you have oily or dry skin. All organic and plant based, this scrubbing mask rids of the dead weight while helping your new skin grow. 

Step 3: Wait While it Works

After applying your mask sit back and relax while it does the work. Be sure to check your mask's directions for how long to wait in order to make the most of it. 

If you're in a time crunch this no-mess, no-stress Bobbi Brown Skin Nourish Mask does its job in no time. Apply to your skin and leave for 2-5 minutes. Then simply pat off any large remaining amounts and massage the rest into your skin. It's convertible make up moisturizes and repairs with ingredients like Coral grass and Green algae.

Step 4: Cool Down

Placing cucumbers over your eyes calms and cures circles under your eyes. This cool remedy is due to the ascorbic acid and caffeic acid to lower the water retention in your eyes. It reduces swelling, leaving your eyes feeling crisp and clean.

Another ingredient that aids multiple skin conditions is aloe. The Tony Moly I'm Real Aloe Mask Sheet targets your skin to project hydration throughout your entire complexion. Water-based, this sheet mask will have you falling for its wondrous ways.

Relish your relaxation time! 

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