Company Crush: Dedcool

Company Crush: Dedcool

Get ready, because there's a new brand on the block- Dedcool. This LA based company is making waves in the beauty industry with its bold message, edgy vibe, and even bolder products. Each product is vegan, composed of high quality ingredients, and is made for everyone. Yes- everyone. Dedcool's innovative approach creates products for all genders, ranging from fresh fragrances to moisturizing lip balms.

Founder Carina Chaz began the company in the summer of 2015, and has combined both her expertise of the beauty industry with her edgy, chic style to make Dedcool as successful as it is today. Chaz's career began when she made her mark on the beauty industry with her debut line, CarinaChaz, at the age of 16. Since then she has continued to develop her entrepreneurial skills by producing Dedcool.

The brand's collection contains 3 main types of products; handcream, "Chazsticks" ( a spin on lip balm, their witty namesake from founder Carina Chaz), and multiple fragrances which come in various forms such as roller balls and small spritzes. Chaz uses all-natural ingredients that benefit the wearer, while still creating sophisticated fragrance profiles.  These fragrances include scents such as bergamot and vanilla, patchouli and sandalwood, fig and lemon, and many more. Each product has a scent that allows the wearer to express their own individuality while enhancing their identity.


The Chic Brown Chick was able to chat exclusively with Chaz about her career, the creation of Dedcool, and how her brand is shaping the beauty industry. Read the full interview below.

TCBC: Where and when did you begin your company?

Chaz: Dedcool was started in Los Angeles, in the summer of 2015, as initially a relaunch of my previous brand Carina Chaz, it's still around but geared towards a younger crowd. I started Carina Chaz in 2010 when I was 16 as a direct reflection of my teen years. As I grew up so did Carina Chaz now Dedcool when I turned 21.

TCBC: What inspired you to build your brand?

Chaz: I've always found myself drawn towards more masculine scents. As I searched I could never find something that combined both my femininity and my infatuation with cologne. From there I started to create the two initial scents that could be shared between lovers, partners, and friends.

TCBC: What's behind your name?

Chaz: Ha Ha! After months of brainstorming Dedcool was just something that came to me and stuck. The Dedcool movement aims to break gender lines so the name confirms the edge and power I was searching for.

TCBC: Who is your brand geared towards?

Chaz: Dedcool gears towards everyone (all genders, ages, sexual orientations, and race). Dedcool also gears towards the health conscious, as the fragrances are composed of the best ingredients, vegan, and 100% non toxic (most fragrances are filled with toxins). And of course the people that want to be Dedcool.

TCBC:  How would you describe the vibe of your brand?

Chaz: The Dedcool vibe strives to push the boundaries, with our dedication to high quality ingredients in creating our sensual frangrance profiles. 

TCBC: Who are some of your role models? 

Chaz: Olsen Twins, Zoey Kravitz, Frida Kahlo

TCBC: What are three words that describe your brand? 

Chaz: Edgy, chic, and gender neutral

TCBC: What are your goals for the future? 

Chaz: To educate consumers about beauty benefits and the harm of mainstream products. 


Dedcool has broken down barriers and created scents that build both your confidence and identity. For more information about Dedcool check out the brand at www.dedcool.com

"Fragrance is an essential part of creating ones identity, so I have created scents that will speak volumes about the wearer." -Carina Chaz

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